5th February2005

When: 10:30 – 17:00, Saturday 5th February 2005

Where: SeminarRoom1, Building 59 (Zepler), Department of Electronics & Computer Science, Southampton University.

Who was there

Via IRC only

What happened

  • AlanPope cracked open his Xbox to find he didn’t have the right bits and bobs to hack it. He then put it back together again and found that the logo on top makes an ideal mug holder. (It has a bigger HD now.)

  • KeithPaine learned what happens at a LUG meet.

  • JasonButwell tidied Lisi’s box (see below), and he too learned what happens at a LUG meet.

  • HugoMills presentation was shown on webcam

  • TonyWhitmore got ipw2100 working on his laptop.

  • HeatherStern took frontdoor duty for a little while, spotting via webcam. Others on frontdesk gave out badges

  • AlanPope showed off his iRiver

  • HugoMills finally worked out why AlanPope couldn’t change the permissions on the mounted filesystem from his iRiver after leaving DeanEarley stumped

  • DeanEarley earned praise as an archangel for solving a ‘doze problem for LizMasebo followed by reinstalling grub so both windows and Linux can be used.

  • NigelMiles installed Ubuntu Warty on a Sony Vaio and updated it over the exceptionally fast network

  • CiemonDunville had his wish granted and listened to Hugo explain compiling.

  • LisiReisz also had her wish granted and listened to Hugo explain compiling. In addition, JasonButwell took one look at the rather good imitation of spaghetti junction that was the best that Lisi could achieve with her cabling – well,it was her first attempt ;o) – and offered to sort it out. Lisi now has a very spruce box.:o) And NickChalk persuaded her usb memory key and OS to talk to each other.

  • VictorChurchill surprised himelf as well as those around him when his box suddenly started making noises with rhythmbox and xmms (I didn’t do anything, honest!)

  • HugoMills and TonyWhitmore played with software suspend, with some prompting from AdrianBridgett.

  • TomBragg built 2.6.9 on his media box and fixed udev. Also persuaded latest nVidia drivers for X to work. Spent much time moving the webcam.

  • DeanEarley ate cookies.

  • JohnLewis managed to find everything he was asked for from his bottomless toolbox :)

  • NathanielBrowne managed to enable VT switching after discovering a stray XkbVariant in his xorg.conf file. Credits include AdrianBridgett. Thanks Adrian ;)

  • Total head count was about 40!

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