VoIP and Telephony

I work for a VoIP and telephony provider, so I can talk about what is VoIP, how does it work, why would you want it, and a beginners guide to making and reciving calls over VoIP.

Some of these questions could cover topics such as;

  • Financial benefit to VoiP (for both domestic and business)
  • VoIP client recommendation such as land line/desk phones, wireless/DECT phones, softclients for PCs and mobile clients (smartphone apps)
  • VoIP provider recommendations
  • Common VoIP issues and a resolutions (SIP AGL, NAT, STUN, IPSEC)

In the future as my employer and I start to do more work with mobiles I can revisit the subject covering VoIP and mobile telephony also, unifying the two.

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