No October meeting

Hi guys,

Unfortunately there will not be a meeting this month. Our next meeting will be in November. I will Issue details nearer the time.


Tim B.

IRC Channel

The LUG has an IRC channel which everyone (especially members) is welcome to join.

Network: Blitzed – (but use if you are in UK – same network but shows support for your LUG server and ensures you don't end up connected via Timbuktu!)

Channel: #hants – for Linux or computing based chat

Chat via web:

Some regular members in the channel are:

Welcome to HantsLUG!

… otherwise known as the Hampshire Linux User Group.

This is a new version of the website, with many links to the old wiki.  Please contact the webmaster with any comments, ideas, or new content.

We aim to encourage and support the use of Linux and other free operating systems.

You don't need to live or work in Hampshire to join-in: in fact about half of our members are from outside Hampshire.

The mailing list is where most of the activity happens: please [continued…]

Chris Dennis

I've been playing with Linux for over ten years now, and working with computers since 'user interface' meant a roll of punched paper tape.

I'm currently self-employed running Fordingbridge Computer Services, which sadly means that I have to deal with Windows most of the time. I have introduced several people and a couple of small businesses to Linux though, and many more to the likes of Firefox and OpenOffice.

Since October 2012 I've been the HantsLUG hostmaster and webmaster, looking after our BitFolk VPS and starting [continued…]