Samba Auth

Setup Linux to authenticate against a Samba server

This will show you how to setup Debian GNU/Linux to authenticate against a remote Samba server (Samba could also imply a Windows PDC too). It also details how to setup pam_mount to mount Samba shares automatically on login, so when a Samba user logs on to the Linux client, they get their $HOME as their home directory on the server. There’s also a shell script I devised to allow changing of passwords.

The article is based on a Linux client running Debian unstable and a Samba server running on a Debian stable [continued…]

Qemu Networking

NAT under Qemu

When using user-net Qemu behaves as if it was behind a firewall which blocks all incoming connections. You can use a DHCP client to automatically configure the network for the guest OS. Under QEMU 0.7.2 and below using the option


or QEMU 0.8.0 and above (you don’t need to specify this any more because it’s actually the default)

-net nic -net user

or if you have no tun/tap init script, Qemu uses a completely user mode network stack (you don’t need root privileges to use the virtual network). The virtual network configuration is the following:

Qemu [continued...]