IRC Channel

The LUG has an IRC channel which everyone (especially members) is welcome to join.

Network: Blitzed – (but use if you are in UK – same network but shows support for your LUG server and ensures you don't end up connected via Timbuktu!)

Channel: #hants – for Linux or computing based chat

Chat via web:

Some regular members in the channel are:

And not forgetting, of course, the infamous CricketBat.

Observing proper ChatTiquette can stop you from irritating the IRC regulars.


I can't get into the channel

There can be several reasons. If you see something like this:

#hants  You need to identify to a registered nick to join that channel.

then it means you need a registered nickname. You can find out how to get one of those by having a read of which is also handy if you have never used IRC before.

Unfortunately, channels on public IRC networks are often bothered by automated pests such as spambots and trojans, as well as some of the more annoying people who cycle through every channel looking for "warez". Temporarily (or permanently) setting the channel to require a registered nickname removes much of this problem.

If that doesn't help, you could try to get into #linux to ask for more help. If it's specifically about IRC then go to #help to talk to the IRC network's helpers.


Shorthand for, formerly known as or wpc/j. Used to indicate that someone thought the previous joke was particularly bad. See also tpc for jokes that are too bad even to merit a jpc. Other popular variants are hpc and dpc.

Who is Wicket, and why is she behaving like a cat?

Wicket is a bot. She's a sabre-toothed kitten, and as a result is quite large, and potentially dangerous. Her main function is to eat spammers and flooders, and to give an easy method for ops to kick/ban people. Rules for keeping on Wicket's good side:

  • Don't /msg her (unless you're an op).
  • When you first join the channel, make sure you say something before posting a URL.
  • Don't flood.
  • Don't bounce in and out of the channel without saying something in between.

Why is she called Wicket?

She was originally going to be a cricket bot – to hit spammers with. After some discussion, she became the sabre-toothed kitten we all know and love. She used to keep an eye on the current cricket scores, too, but doesn't at present.

What is piespy, and is it spying on me?

piespy is a bot which draws social networks based on who is talking to who at the moment. It doesn't do anything except automatically watch channel conversation. It doesn't log anything and has no interactive features.

If you want piespy in other channels then just ask grifferz (AndySmith).

What is find?

find is a "dgbot" written by David Leadbeater, and is popular on the IRC network that the LUG channels are on. It has many and varied features, some of which can be learned by reading what passes as documentation. Many of its documented features do not work however. Its main uses are:

  • URL shortening and URL content caching (URLs you say end up cached on

  • IRC interface to Google
  • Nick tracking (!seen)
  • Unit conversion

find can be brought into other channels by /invite and can be told to stay out with /kick.

Why should I register my nickname?

It is totally optional but there are a number of benefits:

  • People will know it's really you as only you will be able to use that nickname.
  • You can get automatic ops in channels (not will; without a registered nick you can't be on a channel access list).

  • You will get some use out of the IRC network's services.
  • You get edit ability on the IRC network's wiki as well as a user page there – log in with your nickname and your IRC nickname password.

  • You will be able to get in should the channel be temporarily set to require registered nicknames – Note: recently the channel has been operating in this mode most of the time so having a registered nick is pretty much required for access.

If you need help, there are some instructions on the Blitzed wiki.

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