3rd June2006

When: 10:30 – 16:30, Saturday 3rd June 2006

Where: SeminarRoom1



  • Introduction to the Semantic Web – HugoMills

  • Introduction to Perl: The friendly programming language – AdamTrickett

  • Wireless Networking on Linux – TonyWhitmore

You’ll find slides, video and other media from the talks on the TechTalks/3rdJune2006 page.

Who was there

What happened

  • AlanPope asked PaulSladen to see why suspend and resume didn’t work on his Dell XPS Inspiron Laptop. This resulted in a bug report being filed.

  • JohnLewis‘ non working USB memory key chain works okay after all (as proved by a Ubuntu machine:).

  • Both AndyRansom and TonyWhitmore found that upgrading to Dapper resulted in non-working WiFi. In Andy’s case it was just a renaming of interfaces (which was relatively easily resolved with some help from TomBragg), but for Tony drivers had changed as well meaning he had to do some emergency triage on the frontdesk laptop to get it connected to the net.

  • AndyRansom showed IanBrazier where to look to investigate what scheduled tasks might be running that lock up a server.

  • AndyRansom demonstrated to IanBrazier the joys of irssi and ssh and helped him setup his home server so he could ssh-in and connect to IRC.

  • AlanPope demonstrated his cunning plans for world domination through how-to videos.

  • MartinWimpress setup and demonstrated the new Dapper Gnome Network Manager to IanBrazier.

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