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Important Announcement

The Annual General Meeting of the Hampshire Linux Users’ Group will be held on Wednesday 31 August 2016, at 7:30pm in the “Mucky Duck” pub in Winchester.

The meeting will discuss the future of the LUG.

Members wishing to attend and vote at the meeting need to register as a voter: instructions for doing that have been published on the mailing list recently.  Email the webmaster if you need any help.

HantsLUG has been a bit quiet recently, and we haven’t had a meeting since the end of 2013.

But don’t despair!  The mailing list, which was always the core of the group, is still running.

And what might be described as a spin-off LUG meets in Portsmouth.

Membership of HantsLUG is defined as being subscribed to the mailing list, so that is where you should start.  You can search the mailing list archive.

You need to subscribe to the mailing list before you can register on this site.  You will then be able to add your own posts, comments, pages, etc. to this site.

The old wiki version of this site is still available too.

Here is the HantsLUG Constitution.

Recent Posts

Meeting 16 November 2013

Hi guys.

The next meeting will be next Saturday (16th November) at QinetiQ Haslar from 2pm. For those who have not been before,  the site is located on the Haslar peninsula at the South of Gosport. The postcode is PO12 2AG.

Given the nature of the site please let me know if you plan to attend, so I can let our security guards know.


Tim B.

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No October meeting

Hi guys,

Unfortunately there will not be a meeting this month. Our next meeting will be in November. I will Issue details nearer the time.


Tim B.

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September 2013 meeting

Hi guys!

I am very pleased to announce that the next meeting will be held at QinetiQ’s Haslar site at 1pm on the 7th September.

We will have limited network access (i.e. a few people may have mobile broadband) so please do not expect to be able to do installs or updates from the web.

To keep our security guys happy can you please register your interest with me by email ( no later than Wednesday 4th September.

The “agenda” for the meeting is pretty simple:

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6 April 2013

For our April meeting, we are privileged to be hosted at IBM Hursley. For those who haven't been before it's a great opportunity.  Note that the start time is yet to be decided — watch this space and/or the mailing list for more information.

The plan is to hold the Easter debate at this meeting, but we need some speakers. The topic is (broadly) "The Future of Linux". The exact topics covered are at the discretion of the speakers, but there's plenty to go at, from mobile-space to server-space, SystemD to the Desktop.


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VoIP and Telephony

I work for a VoIP and telephony provider, so I can talk about what is VoIP, how does it work, why would you want it, and a beginners guide to making and reciving calls over VoIP.

Some of these questions could cover topics such as;

  • Financial benefit to VoiP (for both domestic and business)
  • VoIP client recommendation such as land line/desk phones, wireless/DECT phones, softclients for PCs and mobile clients (smartphone apps)
  • VoIP provider recommendations
  • Common VoIP issues and a resolutions (SIP AGL, NAT, STUN, IPSEC)


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HPC and clusters

I'd like to hear about high performance computing and clustering, a beginners 101 high level overview.

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I'd like to hear any talks on programming in Assembly language, either on a standard linux computer or on smaller devices like an Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

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Talks wanted

To request a talk on a particular subject, create a post and put it into category 'Talks wanted'.

Or just email the webmaster, and they'll create the post for you.

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Talks offered

To offer to give a talk at a meeting, create a post and put it into category 'Talks offered'.

Or just email the webmaster, and they'll create the post for you.

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01 December2012

The first ever HantsLUG Christmas Lecture was held on Saturday 1 December in the Zepler Building at Southampton University.

The speaker was Mike Bond, of the Computer Laboratory at Cambridge University, where he has been researching security in the banking system for 10 or more years.

He gave us a talk on “Hacking bank cards: 10 years of tools.” – a subject that sounded distinctly illegal to me. In fact the work on computer security done at Cambridge has been an important tool for improving the complex security measures that banks need to use. Although publicly criticising any attempts [continued…]

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