6th October2007

What happened

10:30 – doors open 12:30 – AGM including [[Elections2007]] 13:30 – Stephen Davies will be giving a demo of VMWare Fusion (showing OS/X hosting Fedora, Ubuntu and maybe, just maybe Windows XP) 14:30 – GPG keysigning 16:30 – doors close

Who was there


  1. The treasurer presented the GroupFinances for the year.

  2. HugoMills acted as Returning Officer for the Elections2007. All the candidates were elected unopposed.

  3. LauraCowen proposed a motion from the floor that rule 5 of the voter registration rules be dropped. This was seconded by AndyRansom and voted upon. The motion was passed by a majority. TonyWhitmore clarified that the constitution gives responsibility for amending the voter registration rules to the committee, but that they would discuss the proposed change and vote on it.

  4. A vote of thanks was offered by AndyRansom to the serving committee members.

  5. The meeting closed with no other business.

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