10th February2007

When: 10:30 – 16:30, Saturday 10th February 2007

Where: SouthamptonUniversity



  • TonyWhitmore on “Installing Ubuntu from scratch” (beginner level)

  • DanPope on “Scalable Vector Graphics with Inkscape” (beginner level)

Media and slides from the talks are available on the TechTalks/10thFebruary2007 page.

Who Was There

What Happened

  • BobDunlop brought two boxes of computing books hoping that some of them would disappear

  • GraemeHilton had his laptop overheat several times and cured it by installing Ubuntu, which also cured his wireless problems!

  • GrahamBleach managed to give some surplus PCI graphics and video capture cards a new home. He also tried, unsuccessfully, to persuade an iBook G4 to boot the Ubuntu install image from a USB flash drive.

  • AlanPope spent most of the day trying to get an Open University German Language DVD to work under Linux. It had shockwave content and thus didn’t work on Linux natively.

  • AndyRandom finally beat his aging Thinkpad into submission for use on the front desk

  • AdrianBridgett help GavinMeikle install Vector Linux on his laptop (Gavin’s first Linux install o/)

  • AndyRandom came away with more junk… err, I mean valuable old books and hardware thanks to BobDunlop & GrahamBleach

  • TonyWhitmore wrote the first draft of the Three Men on Operating Systems sketch:

  • RobSmith provided technical expertise on installing Fedora Core 6 on IanBraziers shiney Dell XPS laptop, prompting a wiki article afterwards

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