There are many arguments that “Linux is more secure than Windows”. Personally, I don’t believe in this (David Ramsden). An Operating System is only as secure as the user makes it. However, all the time security in Operating Systems is improving.

The following pages have been written so you can make your box a little bit more secure or give a guide as to what you should and shouldn’t do, as well as general security pointers.

Pages in this section

  • Hacked – What to do if your system has been compromised.
  • Lock Down /tmp – Stop script kiddies and silly exploits.
  • Firewall Building – How to set up your system’s firewall quickly and easily.
  • Hiding Files – How files can be “hidden” on a system.
  • Securing PHP – How to run PHP in a more secure manner with Apache.
  • Password Policy – Some suggestions of how to set-up good password policy

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