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The Annual General Meeting of the Hampshire Linux Users’ Group will be held on Wednesday 31 August 2016, at 7:30pm in the “Mucky Duck” pub in Winchester.

The meeting will discuss the future of the LUG.

Members wishing to attend and vote at the meeting need to register as a voter: instructions for doing that have been published on the mailing list recently.  Email the webmaster if you need any help.

HantsLUG has been a bit quiet recently, and we haven’t had a meeting since the end of 2013.

But don’t despair!  The mailing list, which was always the core of the group, is still running.

And what might be described as a spin-off LUG meets in Portsmouth.

Membership of HantsLUG is defined as being subscribed to the mailing list, so that is where you should start.  You can search the mailing list archive.

You need to subscribe to the mailing list before you can register on this site.  You will then be able to add your own posts, comments, pages, etc. to this site.

The old wiki version of this site is still available too.

Here is the HantsLUG Constitution.

Recent Posts

Christmas Lecture 2012

The first ever HantsLUG Christmas Lecture was held on Saturday 1 December in the Zepler Building at Southampton University.

The speaker was Mike Bond, of the Computer Laboratory at Cambridge University, where he has been researching security in the banking system for 10 or more years.

He gave us a talk on “Hacking bank cards: 10 years of tools” – a subject that sounded distinctly illegal to me. In fact the work on computer security done at Cambridge has been an important tool for [continued…]

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Using Markdown to format posts and pages

Markdown can be used to format posts and pages on this wiki, as an alternatve to the CK Editor or raw HTML. Just tick the box in the top right-hand corner of the editing page to use markdown.

See John Gruber’s page on the markdown syntax.

This is bold.

This is a blockquote

  • red
  • green
  • blue
    • cyan
  • three
  • two
  • one
  • Code:
    10 PRINT “Hello World”
    20 GOTO 10

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    Surrey LUG Bring-a-box meeting: 10th November 2012, Lincore (Reigate)

    Hello. This month's Surrey LUG Bring-a-box meeting will be next Saturday 10th November, hosted by Lincore at the ReigateHub in Reigate – courtesy of Jay Bennie. Details are at:

    We have one talk planned so far: 'Using Illumos & SmartOS as a bare metal hypervisor' and more are always welcome – even if you only decide to do one on the day!

    I won't be able to be there this month but leave you in the capable hands of Jay – we are very excited about being able to use this new venue [continued…]

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    Talks offered

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    Talks requested

    • Compiling programs from source.    John, 3 November 2012
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    Meeting 1 December 2012

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I am pleased to announce the first HantsLUG Christmas lecture which will take place on 1st December. This event is in place of our normal December meeting, and will take place at Southampton University. The lecture will start at 5pm (please arrive early), and is followed by a dinner served at 8pm at the Mercure Dolphin hotel, just north of Town Quay.

    Our speaker, Mike Bond, who did his PhD in electronic bank security and now works to improve banking security, will be giving a talk titled "Hacking bank cards: 10 years [continued…]

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    IRC Channel

    The LUG has an IRC channel which everyone (especially members) is welcome to join.

    Network: Blitzed – (but use if you are in UK – same network but shows support for your LUG server and ensures you don't end up connected via Timbuktu!)

    Channel: #hants – for Linux or computing based chat

    Chat via web:

    Some regular members in the channel are:

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    Chris Dennis has been working intermittently on brandysnap for over a year, and it's nearing some sort of completion.

    It's a Perl script that uses rsync to create backup snapshots.  Which hardly makes it unique — there are plenty of other scripts that do the same sort of thing.

    What's different about brandysnap is the way it handles which snapshots to keep and which to delete as they get older.  Other scripts assign importance to snapshots when they are created — for example, Friday afternoon snapshots may be considered more important that Tuesday [continued…]

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    Southampton University, Zepler Building (aka Building 59)

    Seminar Room 1 in the Zepler Building is the venue for many HantsLUG meetings.

    Come to the door between Zepler and Mountbatten.  If the door isn't open, there will be a notice telling you how to get in — often involving calling a mobile phone number.  Or else jump up and down outside the window to the right of the door until someone notices you.

    Parking is free at the weekends in the car parks near Zepler.

    Buses to use are the U1 from Southampton Parkway station or Southampton Central station, or [continued…]

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    Meeting 3 November 2012

    The next HantsLUG meeting will be at Southampton University on 3 November 2012, 10:30am to 4pm.

    There is just one talk this month (about recording and making sense of motion data), but there's still time to offer!

    11:30 — eight of us here so far, currently discussing clusters.

    2:20 — Tim B has just given his talk about using an Android phone to monitor flight parameters in a model plane.

    There have been about a dozen of us here, including Tim, Ed, Chris D, Chris M, [continued…]

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