7th May2005

When: 10:30 – 17:00, Saturday 7th May 2005

Where: SyanTSD

Who was there

Via IRC only

What happened

  • It was a lovely sunny day.
  • HeatherStern spun up the wiki page, after prodding HugoMills about it.

  • AlanPope learned how to install version 2 onto his ubunutu laptop with ‘apt-get install openoffice.org2′.

  • AlanPope then learned how to do lookups in Calc so he could make his spreadsheets more user friendly.

  • AdrianBridgett, AdamTrickett, JohnLewis and IanBrazier first wiped Lisi’s new HDD clean of her failed attempts at Debian installation (it needed fdisk to budge it) and then installed Debian Sarge on it. If the hardware is still not happy, she vows to go back to something easy to install so she can manage it herself when something (hardware) next breaks.

  • HugoMills talked to people and otherwise managed to avoid achieving anything useful at all.

  • AndyRansom followed Hugo’s example and did nothing useful either

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