18th May2006

When: 19:30 – 21:30, Thursday 18th May 2006

Where: JamiesComputerClub

Who was there

What happened

  • Paul Sladen from Ubuntu (and Debian) talked about:
    • The Ubuntu project, how it was started and why.
    • Why supporting laptops is so hard.
    • How Ubuntu fits in with the Debian project.
    • Everybody Loves Eric Raymond

    • Laundry powder and boots.
    • The stupid keys put near the cursor keys on laptops.
  • IanBrazier showed off the animated mouse on the Xubuntu Live CD.

  • TonyWhitmore got Paul to look at the suspend on his ThinkPad R40 (which worked under Breezy) only to find that the BIOS doesn’t report a model number so the feature had been disabled! A small config file edit made it all work again.

  • IanBrazier noticed the strange effect passing trains had on PaulSladen,s chair, sending it sliding across the room, when they passed.

  • Our mystery visitor was the Society’s director, coming to pick up a computer his brother had purchased. Nick did know he was coming, but was so engrossed in the talk he’d forgotten.
  • 100% of people who viewed the new, improved warehouse – complete with fork-lift – said “Wow” or equivalent.
  • The evening was miraculously free of interruptions by pimps, drug dealers, or future clients.

Big thanks to Nick Chalk and the folks at [[JamiesComputerClub]] for arranging the venue!

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