3rd September2005

When: 10:30 – 17:00, Saturday 3rd September 2005

Where: SyanTSD

Who was there

Via IRC only

What happened

  • TonyWhitmore got the Ubuntu package for Wifi-radar working on Debian Etch (install dhcp3-client!).

  • AdamTrickett helped people to install QEMU, and MartinWimpress started a Wiki page here for QEMU: LinuxHints/QemuEmulation

  • IanBrazier installed wifi-radar with Tony’s instructions (wiki article at LinuxHints/InstallingWifiRadar)

  • SteveWalker went home a happy bunny with his 11b wifi working on his Ubuntu laptop. Still working on the 11g. Thanks for the very friendly welcome to a new member.

  • JamesGrant went home happy after a hardware conflict was fixed with his modem and he was signed up to as his ISP.

  • CaroleCosse went home happy after she was shown the powers of Ubuntu recovery mode and her lost password was reset and localhost loopback address fixed.

  • LauraCowen succumbed to the lure of Ubuntu and started wondering if she could get away with using it at work. MarkJohnson watched and said “Press OK”.

  • AndyRansom failed yet again to get anything constructive done beyond talking to people and eating donuts ;-)

  • HugoMills was more productive than AndyRansom, by distracting NeilFerguson as he was helping people. He also went to the pub for lunch.

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