Stephen Davies

I thought it was time to update this page

I’m a 35year veteran of the IT Industry. I wrote my first program in Sept 1972 in Southampton University Fortran on Punched Cards on an ICL 1901A Mainframe. I spent over 20 years working for Digital where I used Ultrix, SCO & TRU64 Unixes. Enough of the history.

I started using Linux with a very early version of Slackware and have been using it ever since. I run Fedora on my Laptop, PC & MacMini(PowerPC).

I suppose that this makes me one of the Fedora advocates in the midst of the Debian and Ubuntu masses in the LUG.

My home ADSL supplies the internet connection for the Aldershot meetings as it takes place in the Church Hall a few metres from my house.

I run my own ( Software Consultancy specialising in WebSphere MQ & WebSphere MQ Integrator systems development and for my sins I am a RHCE.

In my spare time I like riding my Triumph Bonnieville(s) and taking Landscape & Wildlife Photographs in remote parts of the world. Some of my pictures are at the a ( Aldershot & Farnham Camera Club web site. (Nov 2006, Back from a trip to the “Off the beaten track parts of Madagascar”)

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