HantsLUG has a formal constitution and an elected committee (CurrentCommittee). Elections are held at the AGM, normally some time in July or August. The constitution is available online in PDF format. The current version of the constitution was ratified at the AGM in October 2006. Previous versions are:

Rules for Voter Registration

  1. The Register of Voters (hereafter referred to as "the Register") shall take the form of a list maintained by the Treasurer.
  2. A Member may join the Register or renew registration at any time by returning a correctly completed Registration/Renewal Form either at a LUG meeting or by post to the nominated address.
  3. The information in the Register will only be used for the purposes of administering HantsLUG business. It will not be divulged to any third party.

  4. The Register shall be renewed annually, on the second Saturday of February each year. An announcement shall be made on the main HantsLUG mailing list inviting all interested Members to register or renew.

  5. The Registration/Renewal Form shall be available for download from the HantsLUG website.

The voter registration form is available for download here: 366kB PDF (or the 2-Up version if you're printing these forms for more than one person.)

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